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Jewelry on Different Backgrounds

Playing around with shooting the jewelry on different backgrounds

Photo Paperweights

These 2″ high domed paperweights are made from original photographs, printed archivally then attached to the glass piece as well as a fabric-like velour paper on the bottom to protect your surfaces. The domed glass magnifies the images making them lovely when they catch the light, and creating a 3D effect.

Nap time


Visit to Bean-town!

I went to visit my favorite Boston Aunties this weekend! September in Boston was so breezy and cool compared to Baltimore, and I got to see a lot of the city.

Bethany Beach

My family’s childhood beachtown along with all my old haunts.


Photos from the 2012 Artscape in downtown Baltimore.

MICA Bridge

On the way to Artscape.


Magnets are a fun way to display artwork around your home! If you’re like me, you might find that you buy artwork that you never get around to framing or that you’ve filled up all your wall space, but want to keep expanding on your art collection. Decorate your fridge, dishwasher, magnetic bulletin board, etc. with these!

Custom Desktop Calendar

A custom calendar in a CD case.

Cat Calendar

A brand new calendar filled with cute photos of cats! Starting at December 2011 and going til January 2013, you’ll never run out of fuzzy friends on your wall!

MICA Art Market

Photo’s from MICA’s holiday art market.

En Why Cee

My first trip to NYC!


Jewel in Lamp Shadow

Jewel finds pretty lighting to sit in.

Rockin the Cazbar

Enjoying the atmosphere, fine food, Turkish beer, and my dad telling us our fortunes via coffee grinds.

Rain Drops and Love Line

I wish it would stop raining… and when did Love Line stop being funny??

Renn Fest ’11

It started pouring down rain about an hour before closing, but this was the most fun I’ve ever had at Renn Fest!

New Apartment!

We just moved to a bigger place!

Mount Vernon in Spring

My first day out with the new camera!

Weekend Adventures, part 2: BMA, Hopkins Fair, Hopkins Club

A warm weekend at the Hopkin’s fair

Weekend Adventures, part 1: Crime & Punishment at Centerstage

Rodrigo and I went to see “Crime and Punishment” at Centerstage this weekend, which was not only excellent, but also had a very sparse and very beautifully made set which I was really impressed with. Here are a few photos on one of my crappier cameras that I thought came out quite well.

The Colors of the Exchange

A scavenger hunt, of sorts, that I posted on the Exchange website… all photography by yours truly!

NEW Wearable Art!

A new project I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks: wearable art! These rings have my original photographs, most of them from black and white silver gelatin prints. Stay tuned for necklaces, coming very soon!

The Belvedere

Light Reflections

Cool reflections on a building on my way to work one day

It’s a Tuniful Life!

We bought several cans of tuna for Jewel and boy was she happy!

Travels Through Chile

This calendar contains images from my first two summer trips to Chile. Images are both color and black & white. The calendar begins December 2010 and ends January 2012 for a total of 14 months. Preview includes entire calendar.

Inner Harbor at Night

Out in the inner harbor water taxi with slow shutter speed and lots of multi-colored lights and waves on the water.

Making “Into the Jungle”

After a lot of trial and error with different bindings, and determining a size that would utilize materials in such a way that I could make these as affordable as possible – both to make and to sell – I determined to stick with my original binding choice: concertina, also known as accordion binding.


Stacks of prints — these were being prepped for Into the Jungle

This bomb

An amusing caption at the Fort McHenry historic site in Baltimore

Surveying the Accident

An accident we heard while visiting my dad’s house.

May 7, 2010

Halifax Harbor

From the photo class with Abhishek!

Leave No Trace

A large (13.5″ x 19″) 2011 12-month calendar featuring images from a work titled “Leave No Trace“. The images are part of a theme about people interacting with nature in a variety of ways, both natural and unnatural, on both tiny and massive scales. The images are scanned from silver gelatin prints.

Frost… in Color!

When I was living in Halifax I took many photos of frost on my windows.

Happy Holidays!

Photo credit: Rodrigo Petunio Happy Holidays!

Lighting Final: Off Camera Flash

Playing around with off-camera slaved flashes. We got locked out in the middle of it… uh, ok so I locked us out in the middle of it when I went to get something, and Rodrigo had to walk to the landlord’s house to get the keys. But it was all in the name of photography!

Macro Frost

Using lens reversal macro! It’s really cold in Halifax, so I always take a lot of frost photos.

Back to Basics: The New Design

The Camera Diagram Menu is an idea that has long been in the works as I wanted to create a way for all the pages on the entire site to successfully link together so people wouldnt get lost. I also had my eye on an image of a camera diagram that microsoft had in encarta. So I did some research on other camera diagrams, and drew many versions of the camera as the menu (the lens was the hardest part) […]

Autumn in Halifax


Playing around with the dynalite kit. The assignment was to use different lighting diagrams as given in class to produce a few portraits. This is referred to as ”Rembrandt Lighting”: a simple lighting setup that produces a triangle of light under the eye. I was pretty happy with how this came out, especially as a first try and for how long it’s been since I’ve done a lot of portraiture work.