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Category : Day in the Life


Kaya helps me test my newest backdrop, a seamless orange paper, Tangelo.

Glowing Stars

Cat Scratches

You know you have a cat when…

The Honey Monster

Photo Booth Tests: Pink Damask

Photo Booth Tests: Silk Striped Red and White

Photo Booth Tests: Floral Wallpaper

Photo Booth Tests: Silk Red Damask

Making “Sexy in Soot”

Check out some of the bloopers and “B-roll” images for Sexy in Soot; calendar and final images coming your way in 2013!

Renn Fest ’11

It started pouring down rain about an hour before closing, but this was the most fun I’ve ever had at Renn Fest!


A crazy week from taking the cat to the vet, all the way up to the window in my car refusing to roll up right as the torrential rains started!!

Weekend Adventures, part 2: BMA, Hopkins Fair, Hopkins Club

A warm weekend at the Hopkin’s fair

Weekend Adventures, part 1: Crime & Punishment at Centerstage

Rodrigo and I went to see “Crime and Punishment” at Centerstage this weekend, which was not only excellent, but also had a very sparse and very beautifully made set which I was really impressed with. Here are a few photos on one of my crappier cameras that I thought came out quite well.

Independence Day in Chile

I took a trip to Chile for Rodrigo’s visa interview and it happened to be their Independence Day.

Wolfville and the Guerilla Girls!

“All there is in Wolfville are weird frat boy fire pits… oh, and the Guerrilla Girls” Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Photographer’s Notebook

This was a website I made in Interactive Design. I really like website layouts that are composites of images so I tried it for myself! I’ve kept all the hand-outs related to photography and many of them – especially the developing instructions – have frequently followed me into the darkroom while developing so I used the back as the content area of the website since the splashes of developer created quite a nice texture.


Estación Mapocho

An old railway railway station in Santiago, Chile


Writing with light! Rodrigo is really good at it…

Chile 2008

My Second Summer in Chile

Images of Paris

Both color and black & white images of Paris, France decorate this 2011 12-month standard sized (11″ x 8.5″) calendar. The images are all scanned from film prints. Begins January 1, 2011 Ends December 31, 2011. Includes Parisian holidays!