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Category : Straight Photography

Weird Clicking Noise in Mark ii Video Mode

I don’t do a whole lot of video work but was recently asked to do some video clips at a concert. While this was unnoticeable at the venue, it did get me playing around with video on my 5D again and I remembered an issue that I did notice in a few videos I’d created before. The strange sort of clicking sounds the camera makes throughout every video.

“Lifestyle” Photography

I was recently looking for a way to describe the kind of spontaneous portraits I used to love doing when I first started photography. It came from just documenting the outings I went on with friends with my DSLR. It wasnt staged, but the photos were well-framed and professional looking. And I’ve always thought all my friends were pretty, so I thought that the resulting photos were really nice. I never knew what to call it…

Changing Drive Mode in Canon 5D Mark ii

So I didn’t intend to start my “straight photography” blog with the post as simple as this one, but after looking online for an answer to a pretty basic question about a very basic camera function, I was more then a little annoyed to find no help. Instead, I immediately found my FAVORITE answer to a question on a forum where someone else had asked the same question of “did you try the manual?”. 

The Movement

So, the title of this blog was actually inspired by the photographic movement, Straight Photography. This movement followed Pictorialism, which was a based on altering photographs in order to mimic painting, the “ideal” art form. Straight photography, on the other hand, was just what it sounds like: photographs taken as they were — no manipulation would be involved in it’s processing, aside from the necessary adjustments

Intro to Straight Photography

You know what I find annoying? Looking for tutorials or just about any information about photography. Most blogs and books are written by the same type of people… they seem to be made up of these amateur photographer/techie types: mostly middle-aged guys with 2 kids, a swimming pool, and one of those jobs like Data Configuration Analyst or, you know, Assistant to the Regional Manager.