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Photos from the 2012 Artscape in downtown Baltimore.

Rockin the Cazbar

Enjoying the atmosphere, fine food, Turkish beer, and my dad telling us our fortunes via coffee grinds.

Weekend Adventures, part 1: Crime & Punishment at Centerstage

Rodrigo and I went to see “Crime and Punishment” at Centerstage this weekend, which was not only excellent, but also had a very sparse and very beautifully made set which I was really impressed with. Here are a few photos on one of my crappier cameras that I thought came out quite well.

Light Reflections

Cool reflections on a building on my way to work one day

Inner Harbor at Night

Out in the inner harbor water taxi with slow shutter speed and lots of multi-colored lights and waves on the water.

Surveying the Accident

An accident we heard while visiting my dad’s house.

May 7, 2010

Stalls at the Airport

A shot from BWI, leaving Baltimore for Halifax and I really loved this composition but was worried that I’d get yelled at for taking more then a few.

Mom Waiting