Green, Blue.
What does it look like
from the moon?
Is is still green
After all the trees we’ve cut down?
Can you see the city lights at night?
Have our cities gotten so big
Our tv sets & computers
Our fear of dark streets
Our fear of the dark
Gotten so out of hand
That all that light can be seen out it space?

And would you even bother to look at the Earth
Were you on the moon?
Or would you look at the sun?
Or would you be able to?
Would its glory leave you blinded or just dazed?
What about the stars?
The endless stars.
Would you be inspired to create new constellations?
With your new
unobstructed view of

The universe is endless.
They say it will all end someday.
They say there is a time when a all the lights go out.
But if there is to be an end
There must have been a beginning.
What was there before?
And how came it to be
The beginning of the beginning of the
Endless universe?
The Big Bang?
A Higher Power?
What is science to say what it was?
Or is?
Or never was?
What is religion to say what it was?
Or is?
Or never was?
Who am I to say what it was?
Or is?
Or never was?

Humans are nil in the scheme of things.
Yet we have the ability to understand
Great Things
Yet we are insignificant.
Yet with our vast insignificance
Still we
Hang on
To “earthly” feelings, desires…


Still we
Hang on
To stereotypes…


The need for perfection
Who’s better than who
Our need for acceptance
For the approval of others
For the acceptance of ourselves
These we count as the “bare necessities” of
Our survival.

And what else can we do?
We are earthlings
And as such our idea of importance exists within our domed home.
As such our understanding is
to our fellows.

And yet there are times
When we cannot even understand our fellow earthlings.
And if we cannot understand each other
How can we expect to even begin to understand the cosmos?


The house is silent and dark.
My back is to the window
The shades are up.
Hair prickles uncomfortably
There is that familiar sensation of being watched.
I turn ‘round cautiously,
Heart palpitating loudly,
To see...
No “demons” at my window.
No peeping tom a-peeping.
Just a shadow
that is

Deep inside the cosmos is a solar system.
Deep inside this particular solar system is a planet.
And deep inside this particular planet is
A particular girl pondering her insignificance in the cosmos
And still afraid of the dark.
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